Silas Stafford has rowed for Stanford University and Cambridge University. Now he’s spending the next two years trying to make the U.S. Rowing Team for the 2012 Olympics in London. In this video, he shares a little of his story.

Since the interview, Silas moved to Princeton, N.J. and this summer took part in the U.S. rowing team’s competition in Switzerland.

Last week he wrote that his rowing partner and he recently took second place in two-man boat trials. He adds:

“This was a very good result for me, as one of the younger guys on the squad. Right now we are gearing up for World Championships in New Zealand at the end of October.  Right now we are selecting the 4-man and 8-man boats, through lots of racing within the squad.  I hope to be in the 4 man boat, but I won’t know for sure until Sept.  20th.”


To see Silas in action, here is a clip from the 2009 boat race between Cambridge and Oxford. Silas is in the Cambridge boat on the far side (its rowers in white) and he is the rower closest to the back of the boat next to the coxswain (the position known as the strokeman, or “stroke,” the rower who sets the pace).

You also can learn more about his ongoing adventures at his blog:

Questions! Questions!

Silas may be out rowing today, but he has offered to try to answer your questions, whether about drug testing, his next big race or whether rowers ever have time to take a nice young woman home to meet Mom.  So, viewers, what would you like to know?