As a kid, I could never sit still. As an adult, I’m not very good at staying focused on one thing. Maybe that’s why I became a newspaper reporter.

Thus, you won’t find the same thing on this blog day after day. So what can you expect?

For those who want the big picture, this blog will offer:

  • Stories from you, stories from me.
  • Stories about dream chasers, about people striving to become something or attain something.
  • And, conversations about great stories.

In more concrete terms, that means:

  • Guest posts,  such as Tuesday’s, on a favorite film or book. The next one will be Tuesday.
  • Interviews, such as Wednesday’s, on 20-somethings who are pursuing dreams. The next one will be Sept. 22.
  • Interviews with teachers who left another career in order to work in the classroom. The first is scheduled next Wednesday.
  • Occasional vignettes by this author. The first is scheduled Friday on four generations of an unusual American family. The series is entitled “American Risotto.”
  • Viewer comments on recent films they have seen, entitled “What I Watched This Weekend.” This will take place each Sunday night/Monday. I hope you will join the conversation this coming Sunday.
  • Reviews by young adults of new books and movies.

Perhaps you would like to write a guest blog or review; or you know a 20-something pursuing a dream; or you admire a teacher who previously had another career. Feel free to contact me at You also can learn more at the web page, “How to Share on DigitaleStories.”

— Robert Digitale