Pam Devlin is an English/film teacher at Maria Carrillo High in Santa Rosa, Calif. I first got to know her years ago when I was an education reporter. She was a valuable source in part because of her knowledge of the mysteries of student achievement, including why so few high school students care about the state’s STAR testing system.  (The reason: For most, the outcome has no effect on their future, so why should they care.)

Last spring when I was visiting classes, I got to watch one Monday as Ms. Devlin and her film students spent a few minutes sharing what they had seen in theaters the previous weekend. Students would give a brief synopsis of the stories and share their views on how good or bad were the films.

I liked the idea so much that I decided to make it a regular part of DigitaleStories.

Thus, each Sunday night/Monday we’ll have a post, “What I Watched This Weekend.” You’ll be able to share with us the films you took in at the theater or at home, as well as what you thought of them.

It all starts late Sunday.