Is Mark Zuckerberg really such a heartless brainiac? Did the creator of Facebook really: blog such mean things about his former girlfriend; steal key concepts for his social network from three fellow Harvard students; and stab his best friend and financial benefactor in the back once the company became a hit?

One thing is clear: Director David Fincher has made a gripping new movie of Zuckerberg’s meteoric rise. “The Social Network” features a solid cast, biting dialogue and a chilling take on the pursuit of success that should make us all pause, even if we’re not the brightest person in the room. I rank the film among the year’s best.

Beware young people (and those who reared you.) Just as more than 40 years ago “The Graduate” took to task the empty strivings of adult Americans, Fincher is shining a harsh light on the soulless pursuits of elite 20-somethings — personified by Zuckerberg and his charismatic sidekick, Napster co-founder Sean Parker. The words of an ancient come to mind: “This also is vanity and a striving after wind.”
– Robert Digitale