Did you read all the great stories that have appeared on DigitaleStories since it began almost six weeks ago? Quit laughing. I already knew the answer. Not even my mom has read them all. I just wanted an excuse to say that you can always check out some of the good stuff you missed the first time around.

Here’s how. Look down the right-hand side of this page (or any other page on this blog) and find the section marked “Features.”

Click below on the link “Favorite Books and Films” and you can see the eight guest posts that college and high school students have written so far about some best-loved stories.

“Becoming… 20-Somethings Pursuing Dreams” will take you to interviews with young people who are striving to achieve this dreams, such as becoming an Olympic athlete, malaria researcher, organic farmer, etc.

“American Risotto” is the section of vignettes on six characters from my family, including a Gold Rush prospector, a cattle rancher and a woman brought from China in an arranged marriage.

“Then I Became A Teacher” has interviews with educators who had previous careers as a journalist, carpenter, business owner, etc.

More good stuff is on the way. And all of it will be archived so you can find it whenever you want.

Robert Digitale