This week on Digitale Stories.

Today: A Photo by Austin Unruh of Cardinal Newman. See life through the eyes of a young adult.

Tuesday: Tina Anima gave a few Santa Rosa school principals heartburn 15 years ago when she was The Press Democrat’s education reporter. Now she’s in the classroom teaching English and Social Studies at a public school in Seattle.

Wednesday: Here’s a different approach to tackling a favorite story. Ricardo Mora, a student at Sonoma State University who wants to go into law enforcement, does a video giving a rugby player’s perspective on “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” Mora last year played rugby for Elsie Allen High in Santa Rosa.

Thursday: Ng Sau Ping, a teenager in China after World War II, finds her hopes and dreams threatened when an older man comes from America seeking a bride. An “American Risotto” vignette.