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Roj is running for his life.
Fierce, ageless warriors and greedy mortals pursue him. Both groups think Roj can lead them to a hidden power stolen long ago from an ancient king.
Roj has only one chance for survival. He must become the Horse Stalker, the man the old legends say can change the future.
Roj is a young horseman of the high desert. He longs to be judged a man. Soon he will long for the love of a mysterious woman. And in time he will understand the longing of his people, all of whom carry a wound from an awesome power, the Root of Glory.

Roj belongs to the MuKierin, or the Clan of the Horse, one of seven clans in the high desert country of the Dry Lands. Roj has a gift for understanding the rare Spotted Stallions, horses that only a few MuKierin have ever seen. This gift can help Roj become the Horse Stalker, the man who can change the future. But he soon finds himself a target of ageless rebel warriors and also of mortals who believe he can lead them to the Root of Glory. Both groups will threaten Roj and his kinsmen. Even as Roj seeks a way to overcome his foes, he will find himself longing more and more for the love of Healdin, an emissary of the old king.

Horse Stalker is a world to lose yourself in, with plenty of adventure and mystery. I took it up and hardly put it down until I had read the last page. Quite engrossing! And highly recommended.”

Tim Stafford, journalist and author of the forthcoming book, “Miracles,” and the civil rights-era novel, “Birmingham.”