When I first noticed the words in the afternoon sky, they had already begun to blur.

Is that “CHICO LOVES HONEY”? I asked myself. And how do you write on the sky?

Now I now how the Babylonians may have felt when they saw the handwriting on the wall. They at least had the prophet Daniel to shed some light on the mystery.

The message soon was repeated above the throngs at San Francisco’s Fleet Week: “GEICO SAVES MONEY.” But the letters were so far above the city that I couldn’t see what was putting them up there.

It was only later that I could make out the five aircraft flying in tight formation. And the Fleet Week announcer helped explain that onboard computers determine the timing and spacing of the dots that form the letters.

The air show was amazing. Perhaps less impressive but still worth noting is the ability of the public buses, ferries, trains, etc. to move hundreds of thousands of people to and from the many weekend festivities. I certainly was glad I took the ferry rather than drove into The City.

Patriots Jet Team

Blue Angels