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Sonoma Squares/Red Harvest 8: Showdown

Sandra, Abby and Brown get all dressed up to attend a winery gala honoring Sandra and other accomplished North Bay women. What could ruin such a perfect evening? Chapter 8, by Press Democrat writer and blogger Crissi Langwell.

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Sonoma Squares/ Red Harvest 7: Ripped Off

The home invasion robbers are out for another night of depriving pot suppliers of their cash. That leaves Tyler alone on the farm. What if the killer is watching the place? Chapter 7 by Penngrove writer/editor Ana Manwaring.

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Sonoma Squares/ Red Harvest 6 – Crossed Paths

The home invasion robbers do their day job, delivering fresh veggies from the farm. Detective Brown stops by a Penngrove hydroponics shop as he tries to track down the robbers. And the killer lurks nearby, taking it all in. Chapter 6, by Press Democrat Staff Writer Randi Rossmann.

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Sonoma Squares/ Red Harvest 5 – Finding Robin Hood

The killer watches a Santa Rosa drug dealer, hoping to find bigger fish. Now who are these other men on the prowl for suppliers with plenty of cash and weed? Chapter 5, by Press Democrat Staff Writer Robert Digitale.

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Sonoma Squares/Red Harvest 4 – I’m Back

A year ago the killer targeted people in and near the small town squares of Sonoma County. But now he seeks to draw in newspaper reporter Sandra Cordero by seeking out a different type of victim, namely those who traffic in drugs and other mind-altering substances. Chapter 4, by Santa Rosa author Charles Markee.

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Sonoma Squares/ Red Harvest 3 – Home Invasion

Marijuana cultivation is fraught with danger, especially from home invasion robbers on the hunt for cash and weed. How do these robbers fit into our story? The killer knows. Chapter 3, by Santa Rosa author Frederick Weisel, co-editor of this thriller.

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Sonoma Squares/Red Harvest 2 – Fear Factor

Sandra has moved on to a new reporting job in San Francisco. But can she leave behind her fears about the Sonoma Squares Killer? Chapter 2, by Press Democrat Staff Writer Dan Taylor

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Sonoma Squares/Red Harvest 1: Backfire

Our story resumes a year later. Detective Brown meets the rejected suitor of reporter Sandra Cordero. Sandra's best friend Abby is sure this "weirdo" must be the Sonoma Squares Killer. Chapter 1, by Press Democrat Staff Writer Jeremy Hay.

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Delightful “Fox” Tees Off Zany SRT Season

The zaniness factor is running exceedingly high this year at Summer Repertory Theatre.

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Sonoma Squares: Gearing Up/ The Story Thus Far

On June 30 The Press Democrat will run in print and online the second season of its "Sonoma Squares" fictional serial. Here we recap the highlights of the thriller's first season.

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