Dana Gioia, past NEA chair & a poet craving beauty, speaks April 26 in Santa Rosa

An interview with Dana Gioia, a nationally known artist and part-time Sonoma County resident.

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YA author Tamora Pierce in Sebastopol: It Began With a Need for “Girl Sword Slingers”

Tamora Pierce fashioned her first novel 28 years ago with an eye to what was missing in the fantasy genre: “girl sword slingers.” And she thinks a lot of the heroines in recent paranormal stories spend too much time “waiting for Prince Charming or Vampire Charming.”

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Smashwords Founder: “We Created a Monster.”

Smashwords founder Mark Coker says a revolution is underway in book publishing, one that allows writers new opportunities to get their works into the hands of readers. But he has a few words of caution for those who think this means it's time to quit their day jobs.

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Three-Eyed Baby

Imagine you just completed your first novel and you're ready to share it with the world. What's the first thing you should do? Patricia V. Davis, author and e-magazine editor, had a quick answer for the audience at Sunday's Redwood Writer's meeting in Santa Rosa.

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