A Software Developer, Then a Teacher: Bernadette Calhoun

Bernadette Calhoun worked 14 years in the software industry, including seven years at Apple. Now she teaches math at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa.

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A Leadership Trainer, Then A Teacher: John Chevalier

John Chevalier hardly took the typical path to a job in the public schools. A high school dropout, he has been both an auto technician and manager and a trainer in both leadership development and multimedia. Now he's teaching digital video technology at Healdsburg High School for the Sonoma County Office of Education.

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A Reporter, Then A Teacher: Tina Anima

Tina Anima gave a few school principals heartburn when she was an education reporter at The Press Democrat. But now she works for a principal as a middle school teacher in Seattle.

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A High Tech Exec., Then a Teacher: Walt Hays

For the past six years Walt Hays has been teaching mathematics at Analy High School in Sebastopol. But he earlier spent 14 years in the software industry, eventually becoming vice president of products for a company that was doing $10 million a year in sales.

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A Journalist, Then a Teacher: Miriam Silver

Miriam Silver worked more than two decades as a newspaper reporter. Then she became a teacher. Read her story.

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A Business Owner, Then A Teacher: Dennis Bruno

Cardinal Newman High’s Dennis Bruno tells why he switched from owning a retail meat business to becoming a chemistry teacher. His advice to us all: "You won't do something well if you don't enjoy it." This is part of the series: “Then I Became a Teacher.”

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A Carpenter, Then a Teacher: Michal Buchmann

Casa Grande High's Michal Buchmann can build a house and teach students at the Petaluma, Calif. campus the mysteries of science. Read about his decision to switch careers.

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