Twists In The Road: Bronc Riding On The Mountain

At age 20, I wanted to ride east into the wilderness of Yosemite National Park. My little black mare was determined to fight to go home. On the mountain, only one of us would prevail.

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The Angelic Horse Blaster

In the mountains the little black mare decided to go no farther. Then a heavenly messenger appeared with the words I needed to hear to get me to the promised land.

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The Unexpected Shoplifter

Dave wasn't trying to steal those sunglasses. Ron and he had just gone to buy groceries for a gang of Sea Scouts and Mariners gathering for a snow weekend at Lake Tahoe. But circumstances converged to make him look guilty.

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Reply To All … OOPS!

The school board member warned colleagues that Robert had an agenda "that benefits his household pocketbook." The official hit "reply to all" and then realized the mistake.

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Damsels in Distress

As teens we enjoyed ourselves on the Sacramento River and along its delta sloughs. But when the girls on horseback cried for help, what would my three friends find?

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