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SSU’s “Heroines” Lets Female Voices Be Heard

heroinesIf you can’t find the operetta you want, build the operetta that works for you.

That’s the idea behind Sonoma State University’s “Heroines,” which opened Thursday at the Everett B. Person Theatre. The college has a wealth of talented young female voices, so instructors Lynne Morrow and Jane Erwin Hammett decided to take songs from a variety of works from the 1880s to the 1930s in order to put together the many roles needed.… Read More »

SSU’s Smart “Importance of Being Earnest”

What makes the two young women of Victorian England say “yes” to the men who have come to court them? It’s not their males’ social status, character, charm or good looks, but their (supposed) name: Ernest. There is, both women confess, something in that name that inspires “absolute confidence,” so much so that one bride-to-be in her diary declared herself engaged to her Ernest before ever having actually met him. When the two lovebirds do meet, she tells her bewildered… Read More »