SSU’s “Hummingbird Wars” Shows Vet’s Struggle to Save His Family

hummingbird warsThe new production at Sonoma State University lets us watch an Afghan war veteran cope as his family life unravels.

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SSU’s Latest Farce Asks: Was Lincoln Gay?

_MG_5199The eight cast members make most of this three-act play, which turns from the politically farcical to the slapstick silly to the deadly bizarre.

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SRJC Presents Toe-tapping “Footloose”

SRJCTheatreFOOTImagephotobytomchown2-web-599x900Get ready for toe-tapping fun and scenes that tug at the heart.

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SSU Adds Twist with Multi-media Dance/Drama for “Orchard Development”

ssu cherry The dancers help evoke the drama's sense of lingering loss.

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SRT’s Cute Puppets Throw Curveballs in Adult “Avenue Q”

What cute puppets, but the things they say and do in SRT's "Avenue Q," sort of Sesame Street for grown-ups.

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SSU Cast Delights in “Oklahoma!”

The show, starring Zachary Hasbany and Vanessa Begley, will continue Thursday through Sunday at SSU's Person Theatre.

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“Screwtape Letters”: A Devil Channels Shakespeare’s Iago and Hannibal Lecter

On Saturday I was treated to a different sort of demon on stage at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. And this one, by its actor’s own admission, combined elements of Shakespeare’s Iago and “The Silence of the Lamb’s” Hannibal Lecter.

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A Five-Star “My Fair Lady” Shines at SRJC

I highly recommend this delightful production of the Broadway classic. Erin Ashe and Trevor Hoffmann shine in the lead roles and Peter Crompton's set magically transports us to 1912 London.

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On S.R.’s “Shadow of a Doubt”

No film better captures the look of Santa Rosa's days gone by than Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 classic, "Shadow of a Doubt." On Saturday the Roxy Stadium 14 theater offered free showings. Here is a publicity photo from the film.

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What Oscar’s Gold Didn’t Tell Us

BY ROBERT DIGITALE What does it mean that “The King’s Speech” has been crowned the year’s best film, along with honors for best director and best actor? On one level, you can say that no film dominated Monday’s Academy Awards ceremony. After all, both “King’s Speech” and “Inception” won four [...]

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