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“Screwtape Letters”: A Devil Channels Shakespeare’s Iago and Hannibal Lecter

On Saturday I was treated to a different sort of demon on stage at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. And this one, by its actor’s own admission, combined elements of Shakespeare’s Iago and “The Silence of the Lamb’s” Hannibal Lecter.… Read More »

What Oscar’s Gold Didn’t Tell Us

BY ROBERT DIGITALE What does it mean that “The King’s Speech” has been crowned the year’s best film, along with honors for best director and best actor? On one level, you can say that no film dominated Monday’s Academy Awards ceremony. After all, both “King’s Speech” and “Inception” won four awards each. “The Social Network” was right behind with three. Three other films, “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Fighter,” and “Toy Story 3” each won two Oscars. But not all awards… Read More »

Can a Gruffalo Capture an Oscar?

Went last week to see the five short animated films nominated for an Oscar. Figured it might help me win the workplace Academy Awards contest. Looked later and saw that the contest doesn’t include that category. Oh, well. Even so, the five films were fun to see. Which one will win? Short answer: Don’t know. It depends on whether Oscar voters pick the film with the most intriguing art work, the big message, the cute idea or the best story.… Read More »

“Winter’s Bone:” Who Has the True Grit?

Much of “Winter’s Bone” makes you wonder. Why do these beaten-down Ozarks women always seem to be the gatekeepers, the first ones to tersely welcome you in or to warn you to beat it before their slumbering men arise and beat you? Why does this dour collection of meth-cursed kinfolk grab you by the throat one moment, then go out on a limb for you the next? Perhaps most wondrous, why does Ree, a 17-year-old who has seen life twist… Read More »