XMAS SR ’06. Chapter 7: The Gift

Press Democrat Columnist Chris Smith writes the powerful conclusion to our holiday story. Grandma Johnson shares not only the contents of the wooden box, but also what she has long kept inside her own soul.

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XMAS SR ’06: Chapter 6: Two Surprises

Geyserville author Stefanie Freele writes of the surprises that come the girls' way. One surprise will change their Christmas plans. Another will change how they view Grandma Johnson.

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XMAS SR ’06. Chapter 5: Decision Time

Press Democrat Staff Writer Kerry Benefield writes of the decision Jessie must make: Will she buy a doll for Maddie's Christmas present or the medicine that might make Grandma Collier better?

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XMAS SR ’06. Chapter 4: A Way Back

Healdburg author Steve Cotler writes of Jessie's unhappiness at the hop ranch. Then she gets an idea how she could get back to Grandma and Grandpa Collier's home.

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XMAS SR ’06. Chapter 3: Leaving Home

Petaluma author Amanda McTique shows how Jessie and Maddie's lives once more must change. What kind of Christmas will they have now?

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XMAS SR ’06. Chapter 2: The Giant’s Footsteps

Press Democrat Columnist Gaye Lebaron takes us back to that terrible day, April 18, 1906, that changed Santa Rosa forever. How did the earthquake change Jessie and Maddie's lives?

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XMAS SR ’06. Chapter 1: No Presents

Jessie and Maddie are young sisters in 1906 Santa Rosa. The town still hasn't rebuilt the courthouse that toppled over in April, and some store buildings are described as makeshift. But that doesn't begin to describe how the girls' world has changed. A Press Democrat holiday serial starts today with seven chapters by seven local writers.

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PD Columnists Smith & LeBaron Join In A New Christmas Story by 7 Writers

What do you get when you bring together seven talented local writers? A new, seven-part Christmas story set in Santa Rosa in 1906. "XMAS SR '06" debuts Sunday Dec. 16 in The Press Democrat.

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