A Software Developer, Then a Teacher: Bernadette Calhoun

Bernadette Calhoun worked 14 years in the software industry, including seven years at Apple. Now she teaches math at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa.

By | November 15th, 2011|5 Comments

A Reporter, Then A Teacher: Tina Anima

Tina Anima gave a few school principals heartburn when she was an education reporter at The Press Democrat. But now she works for a principal as a middle school teacher in Seattle.

By | April 21st, 2011|1 Comment

A Journalist, Then a Teacher: Miriam Silver

Miriam Silver worked more than two decades as a newspaper reporter. Then she became a teacher. Read her story.

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A Business Owner, Then A Teacher: Dennis Bruno

Cardinal Newman High’s Dennis Bruno tells why he switched from owning a retail meat business to becoming a chemistry teacher. His advice to us all: "You won't do something well if you don't enjoy it." This is part of the series: “Then I Became a Teacher.”

By | December 22nd, 2010|12 Comments

A Carpenter, Then a Teacher: Michal Buchmann

Casa Grande High's Michal Buchmann can build a house and teach students at the Petaluma, Calif. campus the mysteries of science. Read about his decision to switch careers.

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