Dining With Authors, Connecting with Readers

Healdsburg writer Jeane Sloane devotes plenty of energy trying to connect readers with local authors.

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A book signing, aided by a newspaper and book retailer

We're not going back to the days when newspaper reporters and book authors banged out stories on typewriters. But in a time of great change for story tellers, I'm grateful for the help of a newspaper and a local book store company.

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Fantasy Novel “HORSE STALKER,” Chapter One

DigitaleStories host Robert Digitale has released his new fantasy novel, "Horse Stalker." Here is the first excerpt, "Wonder on the Mountain." You can find more information about the novel on this blog. Look on the right-hand column under the "FEATURES" section for the category: HORSE STALKER Fantasy Novel.

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Fantasy Novel “HORSE STALKER,” Chapter Two

Roj, a young horseman of the high desert, is running for his life. Here is the second excerpt from the fantasy novel "Horse Stalker." The title of Chapter 2: "A Light From Within."

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Fantasy Novel “HORSE STALKER,” Chapter Three

Healdin is an emissary of a distant King. Here is the third installment from Robert Digitale's new fantasy novel, "Horse Stalker." You can find earlier chapters, as well as more details about the novel, here at DigitaleStories.

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Fantasy Novel “Horse Stalker,” Chapter Four

Pibbibib, or "Backstabber," becomes Roj's chief enemy. He enters the story in Chapter Four, "Suffering and Bitterness."

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Analy and El Molino: The Glue That Binds West Sonoma County

In western Sonoma County, public schools are big institutions. And two high schools, El Molino and Analy, are the glue that binds together many of the small communities in that land of rolling farmlands, towering redwoods and the meandering Russian River.

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Journalists’ Stories and Books Join the Mix in DT Santa Rosa

Gaye LeBaron, Belva Davis, Susan Swartz and Robert Digitale are some of the journalists who will be on hand Saturday in downtown Santa Rosa at the 12th annual Sonoma County Book Festival. (UPDATE: my former colleague, Chris Coursey, also appears.)

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“Tips For Teachers” and Book Sale Donations in Petaluma.

As part of its week-long series of events to raise money for local schools, the Petaluma Educational Foundation has become a partner in my book signing/ benefit Saturday at the Petaluma Copperfield's Books store.

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$1 is good for local schools, $2 is better. Thanks, S.R. Copperfield’s.

It was good news when Copperfield's stores agreed to host four book signings for my new fantasy novel. But it got even better when the Santa Rosa store decided to match my donation to benefit Schools Plus.

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