The One-Car, One-Scooter Couple

My wife and I get by with one car and one motor scooter. The best part is when Carol gets on the scooter with me, and we ride off to discover something new about Sonoma County.

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Smashwords Founder: “We Created a Monster.”

Smashwords founder Mark Coker says a revolution is underway in book publishing, one that allows writers new opportunities to get their works into the hands of readers. But he has a few words of caution for those who think this means it's time to quit their day jobs.

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On S.R.’s “Shadow of a Doubt”

No film better captures the look of Santa Rosa's days gone by than Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 classic, "Shadow of a Doubt." On Saturday the Roxy Stadium 14 theater offered free showings. Here is a publicity photo from the film.

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Reply To All … OOPS!

The school board member warned colleagues that Robert had an agenda "that benefits his household pocketbook." The official hit "reply to all" and then realized the mistake.

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Bernadette Peters and A Star From Santa Rosa: “A Little Night Music,” What I Watched This Weekend in NYC

Bernadette Peters wows us with "Send In The Clowns." But for Santa Rosans the show has an added attraction, namely its associate conductor, the incredibly talented Montgomery High grad Paul Staroba. The photo of the marquee of the Walter Kerr Theatre is by Jean Digitale Crooks.

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