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Reviewer Elliott Miller’s Oscar Picks

Elliott Miller isn’t bound by the Academy Award nominations. And he doesn’t think Natalie Portman or Colin Firth ought to get Oscars this year. Read his take on the best performances and the top director and film of 2010.… Read More »

“Winter’s Bone:” Who Has the True Grit?

Much of “Winter’s Bone” makes you wonder. Why do these beaten-down Ozarks women always seem to be the gatekeepers, the first ones to tersely welcome you in or to warn you to beat it before their slumbering men arise and beat you? Why does this dour collection of meth-cursed kinfolk grab you by the throat one moment, then go out on a limb for you the next? Perhaps most wondrous, why does Ree, a 17-year-old who has seen life twist… Read More »