It brings me great pleasure to announce that a talented collection of Press Democrat and local writers have come together to create another fictional serial, a thriller that takes up where last year’s “Sonoma Squares Murder Mystery” left off.

We’re calling this one “Sonoma Squares: Red Harvest,” and it will debut Sunday June 30. It continues the story of a serial killer who is enamored with newspaper reporter Sandra Cordero. Working to stop him are Sandra’s best friend Abby and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Detective Zach Brown.

In “Red Harvest,” the man who writes on the arms of corpses targets a gang of home invasion robbers who steal cash and marijuana from drug dealers. When the thieves themselves become victims, they use Cordero as their bait to bring about one final confrontation with their murderous enemy.

Once more this exclusive thriller takes readers through the towns and countryside of Sonoma County – this season including the course of the Gran Fondo bicycle ride.

What sets the story apart is the collaboration of local writers from inside and outside The Press Democrat. Fourteen writers each contributed one chapter to this season’s fast-paced story. Part of the fun is watching how it all fits together.

To see the writers and read the chapters from the first season, click here.

As a co-editor, I had hoped to begin the series on this blog in late May. But by holding it a month, the story may get the chance to run simultaneously online and in the print version of the newspaper. Such a prospect makes the wait worthwhile.

Stay tuned.


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