The scheming killer is back, still fixated on the young woman reporter.
But this time he isn’t prepared for how his murders will put her in harm’s way.

Fourteen chapters.
Fourteen writers.
One thriller.


Get ready for Sunday June 30, when The Press Democrat begins an exclusive fictional serial in print and online.


“Sonoma Squares/ Red Harvest” is a thriller featuring 14 short chapters by 14 local writers from both inside and outside the newspaper. Today we unveil this talented team.

The tale continues a serial the newspaper began last spring, “The Sonoma Squares Murder Mystery.” Once more it features a scheming killer and a young female reporter who finds herself trying hard not to become part of the story.

Part of the fun is watching how so many different writers work together to create a gripping story set in Sonoma County – with pot growers, organic farmers, a Death Row inmate, a winery gala and the Gran Fondo all thrown into the chapters for good measure.

Each day a new chapter will run in print and on this blog. In preparation, you can read the first season chapters and see images of their writers at

This is the third fictional serial the newspaper has published in the past year, including “XMAS SR: ’06,” a holiday story set after the 1906 earthquake. Its seven writers included Press Democrat columnists Gaye LeBaron and Chris Smith.

Here are the publication dates for the writers and their chapters:

 Sonoma Squares: Red Harvest

June 30 – “Backfire,” by Press Democrat Staff Writer Jeremy Hay

July 1 – “Fear Factor,” by Press Democrat Staff Writer Dan Taylor

July 2 – “Home Invasion,” by Santa Rosa author Frederick Weisel

July 3 – “I’m Back,” by Santa Rosa author Charles Markee

July 4 – “Finding Robin Hood,” by Press Democrat Staff Writer Robert Digitale

July 5 – “Crossed Paths,” by Press Democrat Staff Writer Randi Rossmann

July 6 – “Ripped Off,” by Penngrove writer/editor Ana Manwaring

July 7 – “Showdown,” by Press Democrat Writer/Blogger Crissi Langwell

July 8 – “Hatching a Plot,” by Windsor Author Linda C. McCabe

July 9 – “The Mentor,” by Press Democrat Editorial Director Paul Gullixson

July 10 – “At the Fondo,” by North Bay Business Journal Reporter Eric Gneckow

July 11 – “The Deal,” by Petaluma writer Andy Gloege

July 12 – “Attract. Then Kill,” by Press Democrat Copy Editor Heather Chavez

July 13 – “Never Die,” by Healdsburg author Gabriel Fraire.

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