It’s bad enough for a time traveler not to know where he or she is going. It’s even worse for a viewer to start worrying that a movie is going nowhere fast.

Here is a film with a cool concept: time travel. And it’s the special kind where the traveler arrives naked each time he magically appears on a new scene. (Thank goodness Star Trek members never had to deal with such challenges when they were beamed abroad with the Enterprise’s Transporter.)

A new twist is that viewers get to learn the many heartaches of being married to a time traveler. The film featured many scenes of struggle and conflict, a few of which looked like they might lead some place.

Alas, that alone does not a story make. A story ought to sweep us along toward a climax. It isn’t enough to learn the time traveler’s going to die. The questions are: For what will he live? For what will we give his all? And if he fails, what will he have learned in the attempt?

It isn’t enough for him to simply run out of time.

— Robert Digitale