Film Review: “Drive” Gets Four Stars, “Enthralls and Thrills.”

Elliott Miller gives "Drive" four stars and calls it "a fiercely intelligent, quiet, violent, poetic, tense character drama that proudly emerges as the single best film of 2011 thus far." It's the story of a getaway driver on a heist gone wrong. The driver ends up with $1 million that belongs to two crime bosses. And the hunt begins.

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Film Review: “Super”

Cardinal Newman High's Elliott Miller gives "Super" two out of four stars. Read his take on what went right and what went wrong with a film whose premise was "an absolutely brilliant setup for a dark comedy."

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Reviewer Elliott Miller’s Oscar Picks

Elliott Miller isn't bound by the Academy Award nominations. And he doesn't think Natalie Portman or Colin Firth ought to get Oscars this year. Read his take on the best performances and the top director and film of 2010.

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Film Review: “True Grit”

Elliott Miller gives "True Grit" three out of four stars. Read why he thinks studio execs had a potentially great film dumbed down.

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Film Review: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I”

Cardinal Newman High's Elliott Miller gives 3.5 our of four stars to a film that marks the beginning of the end to "one of the most consistently excellent series of films in cinema history." Elliott reviews films for Digitale Stories and for Cardinal Newman's art and literary magazine.

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Film Review: “Hereafter”

Cardinal Newman High's Elliott Miller reviews the new film directed by Clint Eastwood. He writes that the film is "slow, thoughtful, and profound, replacing violence and gore with good old-fashioned dialogue and character development. It’s also all the better for that."

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