Fantasy Novel “HORSE STALKER,” Chapter One

DigitaleStories host Robert Digitale has released his new fantasy novel, "Horse Stalker." Here is the first excerpt, "Wonder on the Mountain." You can find more information about the novel on this blog. Look on the right-hand column under the "FEATURES" section for the category: HORSE STALKER Fantasy Novel.

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Fantasy Novel “HORSE STALKER,” Chapter Two

Roj, a young horseman of the high desert, is running for his life. Here is the second excerpt from the fantasy novel "Horse Stalker." The title of Chapter 2: "A Light From Within."

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Fantasy Novel “HORSE STALKER,” Chapter Three

Healdin is an emissary of a distant King. Here is the third installment from Robert Digitale's new fantasy novel, "Horse Stalker." You can find earlier chapters, as well as more details about the novel, here at DigitaleStories.

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Fantasy Novel “Horse Stalker,” Chapter Four

Pibbibib, or "Backstabber," becomes Roj's chief enemy. He enters the story in Chapter Four, "Suffering and Bitterness."

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“Horse Stalker” Profile: Healdin, The Heroine

Healdin comes to the aid of a young horsemen of the high desert. Read more about the heroine of "Horse Stalker."

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“HORSE STALKER” Profile: Roj, The Hero

Roj is running for his life. Here is a profile of the hero of Robert Digitale's new fantasy novel, "Horse Stalker."

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Three Daughters, One Song, Help Tell of “Horse Stalker”

When I needed a song recorded from my new novel, my three daughters came to my rescue. Their beautiful singing can be heard on this video, which includes original art and praise from fellow writers.

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Ride With The HORSE STALKER, Support Local Schools

For every copy of "Horse Stalker" sold in September and October, Robert Digitale is donating $1 to Sonoma County school foundations. Read more about four book signings to be held in the next two months and the names of the groups that will benefit.

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The Story That Eluded Me For Years

Some people write several different book-length stories before they have one ready to take to market. I wrote the same story over and over and over.

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