College: UC Berkeley

Dream job: Writing novels; composing music

Favorite musician: Van Morrison

Favorite place: The High Sierras

Favorite activities: Scootering the back roads with Carol; gathering with our three 20-something daughters and the men in their lives.

*  *  *

To work in American journalism today is be constantly scanning the horizon. In these gloomy times, you might think we’re trying to catch the first hint of dawn. In reality, I often feel a need to simply get my bearings, to see if things are looking up or looking upside down.

This blog for some may heighten the disorientation: A newspaper company hosting a young adults’ blog for sharing great stories.

I understand it may seem a little strange, but please keep three things in mind. First, journalists don’t just love chasing the news. We also love telling stories, all kinds of stories and, in my case, stories for young adults. For years I have had some of these stories inside me. Now I want to share them.

Second, technology is providing new ways to tell stories. I want to do so with e-books, blog posts, videos, and (with the help of others) original music and graphic arts. As my colleague,  news researcher Teresa Meikle, told me earlier this year, such opportunities haven’t been readily available for most of my life. Indeed, it’s unlikely I could have done this a few years ago.

Third, this newspaper is willing to try new things. Our executive editor and our online director have made this blog possible. To them I offer heartfelt thanks.

The newspaper is ready, I’m willing and the technology is available. Let the stories begin.