This week on DigitaleStories:

Monday night: Maria Carrillo High’s Marianna Mapes writes about “Garlic and Sapphires,” the story of a New York Time’s restaurant critic who has to don a series of disguises in order to find out what the best restaurants are really like for ordinary patrons.

Tuesday night: Montgomery High grad Amy Bei tells why she is getting her doctorate at Harvard in order to become a researcher in the battle against malaria.

Wednesday night: Montgomery’s¬†Kelsey Dayton writes about the film “Inception,” where Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man who invades people’s minds in order to steal information — and who is hired to plant an idea deep into the subconscious of a corporate leader.

Thursday night: Franklin Fongson is a man on a mission to China. His aim: To Seek Out a Woman. The next vignette of the “American Risotto” series.