It’s your last chance to see the big green ogre at SRT. Take my advice and don’t miss it.

Summer Repertory Theatre ends its 2013 season this week with three final performances of “Shrek.” They packed the house the night I recently attended the musical, and it was soon easy to see why. We were treated to one of the first original productions of the show in the country, and the company was fantastic.

Fun story, strong comedic acting and voices that soared with power and beauty. It all came together for an amazing experience.

And while theater can’t recreate the zany action scenes of the animated movie, it could make the story its own, with the soulful strut and shuffle of Donkey and the creative means of portraying little Prince Farquaad.

Bravo to this memorable cast, especially Joshua Down as Shrek, Emma Sohlberg as Fionna, Nick Rashad Burroughs as Donkey, Scott Fuss as Farquaad and Lexi Lyric and Dragon.

I’ve got a feeling this will go down as one of the most memorable shows in SRT’s galaxy of hits. You’ll be glad you saw it.

For tickets, call 527-4307 or click here.

— Robert Digitale

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