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SSU’s Smart “Importance of Being Earnest”

What makes the two young women of Victorian England say “yes” to the men who have come to court them? It’s not their males’ social status, character, charm or good looks, but their (supposed) name: Ernest. There is, both women confess, something in that name that inspires “absolute confidence,” so much so that one bride-to-be in her diary declared herself engaged to her Ernest before ever having actually met him. When the two lovebirds do meet, she tells her bewildered… Read More »

A Lost World Evoked in SRJC’s “The Cherry Orchard”

Upheaval comes in “The Cherry Orchard,” Santa Rosa Junior College’s latest theatrical production.

An aristocratic Russian family in 1904 is broke and about to lose the estate that its ancestors have owned for generations. After a long absence, they return to the land shortly before it will be sold to pay off the mortgage. However, they seem ill prepared to do much more than beg relatives to help save it. The estate’s radiant, white-blossomed cherry orchard becomes a symbol of all they have lost.… Read More »